Journey to Easter-The Cross

I have been on this incredible journey of studying aspects of Holy Week. It's been profound, meaningful, and life changing. 

So simple, yet so complex. This Savior of ours. He carried the cross for you and me. A dark night - inconceivable to the human mind. How glorious it would end. 

To add to this blog series, I have reposted a blog of mine from last year's Good Friday.

The cross. Good Friday. So many thoughts, so many emotions. So many things I feel during Holy many things to be grateful for during this time. How can I allow myself to brush past it? How can I fill my days, busy with ministry preparations and Easter treats for my babies, and not take time to reflect, to remember? 

We need to remember, we need to reflect.  God, in compassion and love, sent His son to die. He died that we may have grace. He died that we would no longer be enslaved to sin. He died that we may be rescued. 

We live unsatisfied. It's never enough. We want what we can't have. We buy what we can't afford. We mourn what once was. We want what we once had. 

Can we come to a point where we accept that the things of this life are meaningless without Christ? Can we embrace the brokenness and frailty of the human life, understanding that He is the one who satisfies and fills the emptiness? 

Stop fighting, stop wishing for more, and embrace love. Accept grace. 

On a dark Friday so long ago, He wept. He agonized. He grieved. He submitted. Submitted to the will of the Father. With me in mind, with you on His heart. What love has the Father lavished on us? 

He offers so much, really everything we need or could ever want... Yet, we still fight. We stay distracted, unfocused, and too busy. We turn away. We lose hope. We lack trust. We are unfaithful. 

I am Peter. Eager to love and please my Lord, yet quick to deny Him when things become uncertain. 

I am Thomas, doubting He is who He says He is...demanding that I be given more proof. 

I am Mary Magdalene, not recognizing Him when He is standing right in front of me. I am His disciples falling asleep rather than praying as requested, lazy and complacent. 

I am Pilot, choosing to follow others, unwilling to stand for what is right. 

I am the one who regularly cheapens His sacrifice by demanding He give or do more than He already has. See, so fallen. So frail. So in need of rescue. 

But His infinite grace. A life offered in sacrifice for my rescue, for my pardon. Like the old song says..."love and sorrow meet". Perfect love. Deep sorrow. Blood poured out for my rescue. Wounds deeply suffered for my freedom. Humiliated, discarded, denied, and forgotten...all that I might live through grace. He died, so that I might live. 

I am unapologetic about my emotion. I am unapologetic about my passion. I am deeply passionate about my God. I am humbled, sobered in remembrance and reflection of what He gave. 

I stand firm and passionate about my God, simply because I know what it means to be rescued from the pit, and restored in my brokenness. I was lost. I was broken. His rescue, His death, His is enough. It has to be enough. 

Easter will come, and oh, I will celebrate His resurrection and life. But first, I have to remember His death. I must stop, and reflect on that night so long ago. It just means too much.