Thirsty Deer

Psalm 42:1 - "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God." I think it is important to stop in the busyness and clutter of our lives, and asks ourselves if we are that thirsty for God. Would we really be able to describe ourselves as "panting for you, O God"?

Really, think about it, what a strong and bold statement of hunger for God...hungry for the things of God. Are we hungry for the things of God? Or are we too consumed by the things of this world and our own lives to really notice what God wants for our lives.

A deer goes continually throughout the day to get water. A deer or any living thing for that matter can't go a day without water. Can we go a day without drinking from the living water or eating from the living bread? I love that Christ uses both water and bread to compare to Himself. "Drink this water and you will never thirst again." "I am the bread of life." Two things in the natural that we need for sustenance. And two things in the spiritual we need for sustenance. We need Christ daily as we need bread and water daily.

Do we understand the daily need for Christ, the same way we understand our daily need for food and drink? If we think we do, then do our lives reflect the understanding of our daily need?