I am an overcomer. Through Christ redemptive power, I am an overcomer. The challenge, though, is to daily accept the redemptive power that He offers. Too often, we move through our days trying to approach life in our own strength. It's no wonder we feel exhausted, worn and weary. What a struggle we make for ourselves when we do not find rest in Him, and accept the strength He offers.

March is over, and I come out of it a bit weary...yet embracing life, love and joy. He carried me through. I realize, though, that most of my weariness comes from my own busyness and clutter of my life. It causes frustration when you create your own weariness - when it comes from the choices that you make, and not from the grief you have no choice over.

He is cleaning the clutter and healing the pain, and as a result, I am an overcomer. It's the things that are in our control and the things that are out of our control...doesn't matter. Through Him we overcome. It's daily submission, daily communion, daily resisting temptation...takes effort, but He gives strength. And the reward is so great.

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

Last month was filled with pain and bittersweet memories, but the somber reflection of Christ's sacrifice and the joyful celebration of resurrection and life far outweighed it all. God is good, all the time.