Hope Does Not Disappoint

Romans 5:5 says that "Hope does not disappoint us, because we know how dearly God loves us. He has given the Holy Spirit to us, so that we may be filled with His love."

What happens when you have run out of hope? When life has disappointed you too many times, and let's be honest...God has disappointed you too often. Sometimes it is not always a matter of trust and faith. I believe that you can have trust and faith, and not be able to feel hope. Think about it, the Bible says that if you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, it counts. So, I truly believe that you can have faith left but run out of hope.

When you have found yourself so disappointed with life, God and others that you just can't feel hope burning within, you know it is time to go to the cross. Sit at His feet, and search your heart. How can you have faith in God, know that He loves you and, yet, still not feel hopeful? I believe it is because our disappointments cloud our vision. God is waiting for us to come to Him, pour out our failures and disappointments.

When we ask the Lord to guide us to a place of healing and hope again, it may not look like what we think. He may ask you to take steps of actions that you are really uncomfortable with or simply do not want to make the effort to do. He may want to bring you down a path of pain that is unimaginable, so that you find the hope on the other side.

He says that this world will disappoint you, but hope does not disappoint. In other words, God does not disappoint. He is our hope, and our salvation.

Psalm 18:30 says that "God's way is perfect. His Word is flawless. He will shield all who take refuge in Him."

God's way is perfect. Not easy or simple, it's perfect. It is not easy to face the disappointments in our life head on, and work through events and feelings related to them. Yet, when we take time to care for ourselves and search our hearts, the fog of disappointment begins to lift and hope begins to rise again.

My own personal path to healing and hope right now is so incredibly painful. I am reaching into the depths of my soul, peeling off layers of loss and disappointment, learning more about myself and God's love for me. I am taking what I am learning and feeling to the cross, and laying it down. I am asking Him to walk with me, and His grace is covering each discovery. It's not easy. Yet, I can tell you that hope is rising. By doing things God's way, I am beginning to see glimmers of hope. Hope in God, and hope in His purpose for me as His child.

God's way is perfect, and his hope does not disappoint.

Father - Your love is extravagant.  You know us inside and out. Help us to see the path to healing and hope that you have for us. Give us the strength to do it your way.