Welcome! Here you will find someone living each moment of each day by GRACE.  What you will NOT find are great recipes, 10 steps to going green, 20 attributes of an amazing mom, 5 craft projects to make your child the smartest kid in the preschool class, how to excel as a housewife, etc…I am sure you get the point! I write about the messiness of life, and the grace God gives to not just survive, but THRIVE.

Life is crazy and changes constantly. Which makes us need a constant dose of grace. My world is messy and imperfect. Like every other mom, I fill a million different roles: wife, mom, sister, friend, minister, writer, designer, communicator, most importantly – daughter of the King. Despite my continual efforts, I have not reached perfection in any of them. Many days it is a major fail. Yet through major loss and grief, I am learning to live each moment in grace and finding incredible joy as a result. Find yourself living in a crazy, messy world – needing grace to find you in each moment? Come along for the ride – I would love to share this journeywith you! Subscribe and follow my blog, share it with your friends, and hopefully we can encourage each other to stop striving for perfection, and begin striving for grace! Email me at christan@gracefindsme.com or click here to share your moments of grace. I would love to feature them on my blog!

A little background on me. I am the wife to the most incredible man alive, Brad Causey. No, seriously, he truly is. He has embraced this world of crazy since the moment he asked me to be his girlfriend when we were 15. Surprisingly, he has never run away. He is my greatest friend, encourager, supporter, source of wisdom, and so much more. I am mom to three awesome and beautiful children. Our firstborn, who is 7. He is funny accidentally, loves people, loves playing (with someone NOT by himself), loves candy, loves tv, loves pretty much everything except quiet time by himself. He is tender hearted and so easy going. Thank God, because my precious middle child is much like me and is almost inflexible.  He is 3.5 and he is stubborn, strong willed, temperamental, and so cute and so silly you can’t ever stay frustrated with him. He can be the most loving, sweet, and happy boy one minute – and the next be the most angry and upset. He keeps us on our toes, yet he is so much fun to be around. Then there is our baby princess. The most beautiful 2 yr old princess who has us wrapped completely around every single tiny finger. She is a sweet little drama queen, and she is as sweet and tender as she is stubborn. “Though she be little, she is fierce!” We are crazy and imperfect, but we love each other and we love life.

I am a stay at home and a working mom. I am the Pastoral Care and Communications Pastor at our church. My husband is the Worship Arts/Groups Pastor. We are midwesterners turned New Englanders living in the Northeast.